25 Nov 2013

Before all the wedding thingamajigs (Part 1)

Because my review of my wedding vendors will be slightly delayed, I want to go waaayyy back into history zaman datuk adam. (k lah, takde lah lama sangat, tapi you olls tak tahu kan the story of "How I met my husband")

(and because this post has been requested by a reader, SHOUTOUT TO YOU BRO! terharu sey i olls ada reader requested *beams*)

Before the first meeting

I was studying in Temasek Polytechnic and was just minding my own business trying to make the best out of my poly years. I was heavily involved in dikir barat during my whole 3 years there (this I have to mention; you would understand why as I go along) and did not regret it. I wasn't the top student but I survived and graduated.

My husband was serving NS as a policeman and before that, he studied nursing in Nanyang Polytechnic. He was also heavily involved in dikir barat (see, now you know why) and hasn't stopped since.

Our first knowledge of each other's existence

I was in my final year poly and I was doing my last few months of the year doing my internship in a bank. That point of time, TP's Malay Arts Group was in the midst of preparing for their annual production and I was involved in a so-so kind of way (because dah jadi kakak-kakak attachment). So after working hours, I'll drop by for trainings and rehearsals. Closer to the performance date, I lost my beloved grandmother. She was staying under one roof with me and I had to give a break to all the trainings and rehearsals just to spend time with the family.

Little did I know that during the break from dikir barat, my "future husband" was helping out with the dikir barat performance. Let's just say that our dikir barat group has always been very hospitable in inviting friends from out of TP to help out with all our performances.

So when I came back  for the last few trainings and rehearsals, I saw my "future husband" busy with his keyboard and practicing his part for the performance. He was there because our dikir barat coach requested help from his dikir barat friends, to help enhance our performance.

I had very little regard for him actually. Never bothered to find out his name, who he was and why he was there. But because he was playing the keyboard, he gave me an impression that he was musically-inclined and knew how to play the keyboard. (I was definitely TOTALLY wrong here)

So that was how we knew of each other's existence.

After the first look

After the school performance, everyone had withdrawal symptoms. Biasalah, all social network would be updated on how much we miss those times practicing, thank you speeches for all the people involved, etc. etc bla bla bla..

It was Friendster at that time.

And I had a friend request from this Cheesedale boy. And he left me a "testi".

"Eh, terview profile pulak."

Nama kena dengan orangnya. So "cheesy".

After almost a month since the performance day, it was MSN. Some mat_rilek@hotmail.com added me.... I think it was mat_rilek.

That was the first time we ever had an interaction and that very first time, this boy was so brave to ask me out for a movie.

And this girl was too brave to have said yes.

The first date

That day, I had a Christmas dinner with the company where I was having my internship. So we already decided that we would go for the movie after I was done with the dinner.

And he waited for me for almost 3 hours. (If now you ask me.. oh how much things have changed)

We watched "Yes Man".

Who would have thought, there were many "Yes"s to follow. :)

"Nak steady?"

That question didn't exist. We were very mutual about our feelings. We knew that we enjoyed each other's company and we knew that we couldn't stop seeing each other. So everything was fast game. Neither of us "jual mahal". We just went with the flow.

Luckily I was too brave to have said yes. :D

BGR Phase

Of course, with every other relationship, there's always the ups and downs. I can't say everything was perfect. We fought, we squabbled, we disagreed. But we talked about it. We hated to fight. It took up so much of our energy and we didn't like the feeling of not talking to each other. So our disagreements did not last more than a day or two.

We grew so attached to each other. Yes. I suka berkepit dengan boyfriend I.
I was just very happy gila u olls.

Everything just happened like that. I can't explain how, what or why. But I loved the feeling of seeing him. I am always excited whenever he asks me out.

Before we knew it, it was already 3 years.

Ok let me just stop here for a moment la eh. Takot too long and so grandmother story, you olls will lose interest and I will be sad kitty.

24 Sep 2013

Pengantin almost one month old


Happily married and being a wife to my husband.

Syukur Alhamdulillah everything went absolutely well. The worries and stress were all worth it.

I will do a whole review on my vendors very soon.

But for now....

P.S. To all fellow BTBs, no matter how stressed, frust tonggeng or cengeng you are with all your wedding preps, please cherish the moment. You will miss it once its over.

25 Aug 2013

One HUGE sigh of relief

Some posts back, I mentioned that there was a major problem with one of our wedding items. Really, it is like the quintessential of the wedding. It will make or break the wedding. This one kokarp, die already la like that.

We FINALLY saw our outfits for the wedding. Yup, one week away from the wedding and we finally get to see what we are gonna wear for the wedding. Siao bo.

Why so late you ask?

Because there have been a few hiccups here and there. Of course me and the tunang were anxious to see how our outfits turn out. We were THIS close to actually coming up with a backup plan if this didn't work out, 1 month away from the wedding. The thought of wanting to engage a different bridal was definitely one of our consideration.

Nonetheless, Alhamdulillah. Luckily throughout the wait, I kept my cool. The tunang of course wasn't happy la but lucky for us, our MUA, Kak Yati from Padi Bridal ensured us time and time again that everything will turn out alright.

I loved all the outfits. The tunang is superbly happy with his tanjak.

(Oh, don't get me started on this tanjak story k. We chose our bridal based on his preference of tanjak designs. No, I wasn't the cerewet one. Lucky I wasn't so cerewet on how a MUA cucuk the sanggul or put on the pengantin's lipstick or something.)

MasyaAllah, I really can't believe everything is finally falling into place. Alhamdulillah.
So many things to do still throughout the week. So I will still be kept on my toes until all this is over.

Everything is going on smoothly so far. I shall cherish and enjoy the last few remaining days of my wedding planning. May He continue to ease our plans. In Shaa Allah.