10 Jun 2013

This takes the cake: Perfect Frosting

Less than 3 months from the wedding and I just confirmed my wedding cake. Heh.

Relek brader, brader relek.

IMO, I felt like the wedding cake wasn't something that would make or break a wedding. I felt like it's just a little something extra or considered a part of the wedding deco. So I didn't have the urgency to source a vendor to make my wedding cake. Not until mum kept pushing it.

I have always loved the classic tiered wedding cake. I find cupcakes makes the wedding cake table too messy. As much as cupcakes reduce the mess of cutting and distributing, a tiered wedding cake is elegent and classy. Suka sangat.

I have watched too many episodes of Cake Boss and my appetite for cake goes over the roof each time I watch it. Selera u olls tengok mat salleh makan cake. Thats why I always believe taste is as important as how it looks.

Thats why I have been attracted to Perfect Frosting even before I got engage. Their wedding cake designs are really "Cake Boss" standard to me. You tengok la sendiri...

All pictures taken from Perfect Frosting's Facebook

I personally have not tasted any of their cakes but after reading Dellaire's and Mat meets Minah's post/review on Perfect Frosting, of course la I very confident liao. Too bad I couldn't make it to the recent showcase they had (because I is bochap like that. always can't make it for this kinda showcases. urgh).

Well at first I wasn't confident of getting any cake vendor. Like halloooo.. 3 months before wedding then wanna find cake vendor ah? Who teach?

But Alhamdulillah, when I enquired Perfect Frosting, they had one available slot left for my wedding date!!!

Image source: Reaction Gifs
Kak Fairani (Kak Fai) was so nice to take the time off on her baking day to explain to me the prices and details of the different price range of cakes.

I tell you first k. When you see fondant, tiers and details, you don't see cheap. So you need to be prepared to hear the prices from different vendors when finding your wedding cake. Some can really be expensive. To each his/her own. Everyone has their own budget. Need to be smart and make the right financial choices. :D

The price range did not come as a surprise to me because I am fully aware of the work and effort that needs to be put into making these cakes. Stacking individual cake layers already not easy. What more with all those pretty little flowers and the extra oomph to make the cake look gorgeous.

Apa lagi, cepat-cepat u olls letak deposit. Now I tak sabar to collect the cake samples to have a taste. Confirm mmmmmmdaaapp.

Now to google, pinterest and what-have-yous for cake designs!

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