4 Jul 2013

Tukang Ambil Video

Because I terharu there are people reading my blog, I nak rajin-rajin lah post. Heh.

And then I realise that I have not blogged about booking my tukang ambil video. erks.
K I share with you now k.

From the very first time we started planning our wedding, me and the tunang agreed that we wanted to splurge a little on photography and videography because we wanted to keep the memories of our wedding day. We didn't have any photographer for our engagement coz we thought it wasn't necessary so that's why splurging has been focused on the wedding.

So when the plan for marriage happened, apa lagi, kementelan terserlah. I started to watch wedding videos even before the engagement because I wanted to be in the "mood". Berangan eh.

And then, I saw this...

And then when I showed the tunang, he so damn semangat to go and ask this very company for a quote. Of course la none other than CST Production in Malaysia. (Malaysia, y u so like dat ah? grr..)

Of course at that point of time we were fully aware that the company is based in Malaysia but we went ahead to get a quote from them. We were so ready to actually bring them in here based on the price they gave us for their video production. Unfortunately, there were other expenses that we had to factor in as we were required to provide for them the basic necessities when bringing them in here. So because of that, we decided to let it go and move on, walaupun di dalam lubuk hati naluri kita, we still wanted them because diorang memang awesome gila.

And then...

This happened.

Apa lagi. Tanpa melengah masa, we went down to the expo exhibition that they were at and enquired about their services. And without even managing a blink, we straight away book them. Yes. We happy gila u olls!

Yah. We made the booking like 1 1/2 year in advance and that was the first vendor we booked for the wedding. Bridal pon belom book at that point of time!! Hahahah!

We recently just met them again to discuss the itinerary and review our package. Alhamdulillah all is well now.

Now I shall give you a little eye candy of their few works which I absolutely love.

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