11 Jan 2013

Let's get down to it: Bridal

Ok. So I thought no need for a lengthy introduction. It's clear on why the blog. But let me just make it clear that I am not doing this to pull in any form of advertisement, promotion or any of those along the lines.

This is personal. I am doing it because I want to share and document the process of planning my wedding. MY wedding.

*sempat selit disclaimer*

Back to where I was.

First and foremost on the list of things to consider for bridal was the cost.

Living in sunny Singapore, where prices are going up, and bank accounts are going down, cost was the most important thing I had in mind. Nevermind that prices are going up. Soon-to-wed couples were also competing to block their wedding dates to get the best services for their big day. I've seen people asking for quotations, 2-3 years ahead of their dates.

That aside. So I was browsing through portfolios of various bridal companies, asking for quotations. Average prices are above $2k/$2.5k. I don't get it sometimes. Y SO EXPENSIVE?! We are renting out the costumes and the only service/product we get to keep is the make-up and styling.

But I am in no right position to discuss that. Nonetheless, we were blessed with a little bit more rezeki and decided that it's a once in a lifetime event. So why not put our money where it deserves. Right?

The other item on the list of things to consider was the styling and costume.

Being an ideal size 18 *pfft*, I had a long time trying to decide on which bridal I wanted to engage for my big day, because firstly, mass media always wants to look good. I don't blame anyone for that. Like c'mon. We get attracted by first looks. So, I needed to ensure that whoever I chose needed to be able to cater to the "ideal" size that I am.

I am not saying that I put in zero effort to lose any of these flab. I did work on it. A little. C'mon don't judge me. But progress was slow. So I told myself, the dress should fit me. Not me fit the dress.

Of course. Looking good on your wedding day is what every bride wants. You don't want to be looking at your wedding album in the future and go "Was I drunk throughout the whole wedding?". So of course I had to look out for the make-up and styling. I had to be sure that whoever I chose could make me look good without overdoing it.

After a whole lot of discussion and thinking and calculating, me and the tunang have decided.

Lucky for us, we had a friend who became our consultant. We had to balance out the pros and cons of every bridal company that we've enquired. Alhamdulillah, we finally made the decision to engage Padi Bridal for our big day.

And like what I said earlier, we were blessed with a little bit more rezeki and we were thankful that Padi Bridal could create brand new, custom-made outfits for all the 3 outfits that we are having. We were gonna keep our solemnisation outfit, so 2 of the outfits will be added to Padi Bridal's collection.

Me and the tunang have already designed the outfits. We will share it here eventually, when the time comes. But as of now, I am very excited to see how the outfit turns out. Hopefully, the sketch that was done by the designer would come to life. Teehee...

So brides-to-be, I am very sure we will share same sentiments on deciding the bridal for our BIG day. Relax, breath, believe and it will all be worth it in the end.


  1. Hello dear

    Came across your blog. Anyway i was just wondering, does padi bridal has any plus size baju pengantin? Fyi im a plus size too. hehehe And oh do mind sharing the price of your bridal package?

    1. Hi darlz

      I don't know if you can read my reply. Could you leave your email and I'll email you about my bridal. :)

    2. Hi! I nak tau jgk bout the package! Me & fiance also plus size
      . Could u pls email me too? @naskoliahchya@gmail.com