17 Jan 2013

"Tukang amik gambar"

They say... "memories last a lifetime"

But memories with pictures lagi awesome kan?
*mood killer*

Nonetheless, I was rather cerewet when it came to photography and videography. Basically, the ones who will keep evidence of the wedding. I needed to be sure the ones I chose would do a very good job to capture the essence of the wedding (ceh banyak nye essence). I really wanted to see emotion and more of the people who attended the wedding. Because frankly, at the end of the day, me and the tunang will be just sitting and looking pretty on the dais whereas the backbone of the whole event are the family and friends.

but still.. spotlight's on me. Heeeee....

Ok so we had a hard time choosing which one we wanted, eventually delaying the whole process. The first choice we had was Bliss PhotoCinema.

Unfortunately, on our event date, they were left with only one photographer. Like I said, I was rather fussy and I was looking forward to at least having 2 photographers.

I have understood the concept of photographers at a wedding. Yes, we all can make do with one photographer. But if we really want to capture moments, emotion of the rest of the wedding party, we can't split the photographer into 2. I understood that when there are at least 2 photographers, one will follow the pengantin, taking portraits and poses, the other one will capture moments. So it was rather essential to me and the tunang to have at least 2 photographers. It's once in a lifetime right? Insyallah...

So when  Bliss PhotoCinema wasn't available, we had to look for another one and almost instantly, we made an appointment with TheProjectPixel Photography because that was the other first choice. And lucky for us, they were available!!! *throws confetti*

We took the package with the pre-wedding shoot. Initially, I and the tunang discussed that we didn't need a pre-wedding. Because we thought... kan belom halal. But we came to an agreement that the concept of the pre-wedding shouldn't be intimate like hugging, want to kiss but shy shy, holding hands. We wanted it to be more mysterious. Macam paham la pulak mysterious.

If you all went down to the recent wedding exhibition at Singapore Expo last weekend, you should have seen their eco-chic booth. Totally out of the box.

Picture taken from TheProjectPixel Photography
Kalau makcik-makcik, mesti diorg dah cakap "Ni apa ni booth macam gini? Takde bunga-bunga, kosong macam gini. Betul ke diorg boleh amik gambar?"

Makcik, ni zaman minimalist la makcik. A little goes a long way. It's all in the details makcik, details.

Some of the awesome works by TheProjectPixel Photography:
*taken from their Facebook page*

All images are copyrighted material and all rights reserved.

I am so in love with all their works. Really. Nothing very typical or cliche about their photos. Our "tukang amik gambar" is settled!

Hope I've helped some of u olls to look out for your ideal photographer for your wedding.

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