14 Jan 2013

Marriage Prep Course

Frankly, I never really did research on this particular subject. It was basically..

A: Eh kau pergi kursus rumahtangga kat mane?
B: Oh aku pergi kat ...
A: Oh ok tak? Brape eh? Camne nak book?
B: Ok ah. Price is ... Kau pegi kat website dia ....


That was it. We just made a choice based on recommendations from our fellow friends. Well, I mean, why have added stress of doing so much research when you can channel your energy into something else? Ok, I tau, ini benda important. But I mean, the concept and motives of the courses are all the same.

And one more thing. I had to take into account that the tunang is on shift work, and with no fixed shift schedule, we had to settle for a one day course. At least we can have a safe bet that he can get at least a day off on the day of the course.

Oh and whats more, we are going together with 2 other couple friends! Mereka pun akan mengahwininye pada tahun ini nye aduiii.. So kita adalah members pergi together u ollz. Their other halves are also on shift work and have only at most a day off. So timing was a bit of a concern.

And the chosen one is..... *drumroll* *or maybe rebana roll sebab tunang I budak dikir barat*

Details of the course are:
1-day Course
1 Couple to 1 trainer
Course structure:
9.30am - 12.30pm: 1st session; personalized pre marital guidance course
2.00pm - 6.00pm: 2nd session; small workshop session with other couples discussing relevant issues in a marriage

Information and image source: http://www.apkim.sg/

The 1-day course is conducted daily from Mon-Sat and first 2 Sundays of the month. So we had the liberty of choosing whichever date yang suitable for our other halves.

There are also group sessions which is a 2-day course. But I believe slots are limited as they only take in a small number of couples for the group sessions. I think it's 8 couples per group session. You can chekkiddout at their website for more info.

Anyhoos, booking was "easy, breezy, beautiful, Covergirl". Payment was done via fund transfer. So it was all done in the comfort of my office chair. What's more, they provided us reading materials to prepare us and give insight on what we can expect during the course, all via a form of an e-book. Barang baik dok.

Tunang: I nak tengok e-book tu. I nak baca.
*I downloaded it on my iPad so he had the luxury of reading it, lying down on the sofa*
Tak sampai 5 min....
Tunang: zzZzZzzzzzzzzzz....

Speaking of which, I pun belum baca. HAH.

Anyway, if u olls are looking out for course providers for the Marriage Prep course, here is a small list of providers that u olls can look at:

I cannot say who I recommend and who I don't recommend. Sebab ni baru first time pe pegi course. Duh. Your best bet to know which is good and which is not is to ask your friends who kahwin already.

Happy prepping for marriage u olls!


  1. Nana princess pun blom book ni punn adoi nye ni adoi!!

  2. cinta-abadi.com also got Marriage Preparation Course

  3. Hi im new here.. juz want to ask.. tkd ke express course? I mean ustazah and ustaz n a couple?? ..

  4. I took a 2-day course by SPMC under Mr Omar. The course was really great! Banyak useful info but at the same time kelakar gila! Heard they now offer 1-day courses too but don't know if it's the same.

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